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Capt. Elias D. Nikolaidis

Former GCAA - Chief Air Accident Investigator

A respected Aviation Specialist and human factor expert with a professional reputation for enhancing safety and quality control standards with nearly 30 years international experience in civil/ commercial aviation; leading investigations, incident responses, training, innovation and governance to achieve compliance and risk mitigation.

A trusted advisor to aviation authorities, governments, manufacturers and airlines who is willing to challenge the status quo with a proven track record in producing positive outcomes for society and airlines through continuous improvement, auditing and research; based on a constructive and analytical approach and 20 years flying experience.

Strengths and Expertise

  • Published  and respected author, lecturer and speaker with native Creek, fluent English and conversational Italian
  • Adaptable approach with excellent leadership, communication, technical, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Forging collaborative partnerships with major industry players including IATA, FAA, Boeing, Airbus and airlines
  • Proactive in identifying and managing risk/change to promote a ‘blame free’ culture and industry best practice
  • Delivering innovation and practical solution, tools, systems and strategies to save time/costs and promote safety
  • Driving change through tactical and cultural transformation, business intelligence and continuous improvement
  • Strategic thinker with proven ability to assimilate, analyze and present complex data logically and diligently
  • Performance managing/auditing teams, systems, processes and operations to comply to industry regulations
  • Commercial and technical expertise supported by relevant up-to-date industry qualifications and certifications.
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