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Submit Your Resume

All applicants for trainer status are required to submit a detailed application from our website or to the Professional Development Department at IACT.
Prior to becoming a trainer at IACT, each applicant must present proof of satisfying the following requirements: All applications must be accompanied by a full resume/bio.

The following are the required criteria set by the IACT selection board for the review of applications for becoming a trainer at IACT:

  1. The trainer must have a bachelor’s degree in any field or equivalent (such as license qualification) and fifteen (15) years of experience directly related to the subject matter to be taught.
  2. The trainer must have attended the "Train the Trainer" courses
  3. The trainer must exhibit prior approval from relevant authorities such as IATA, ICAO, GCAA, EASA, etc. or their country authority
Description shall be shared by COC