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Professor Arthur Berg

Doctor of Civil Law (DCL) Candidate at McGill University

Artur Eberg is the legacy managing partner of Eberg, Stepanov & Partners, which I launched in 1998 and led for 14 years. Under my direction, the firm received substantial recognition and in 2010-2012 was placed on the list of top-10 Russian law firms in the transport area. During the years of my practice as a principal of the law firm, He obtained profound skills in business development, team building and project management. He have both a legal and aviation background. Before starting my career in law, He worked as an air traffic controller and have experience as a helicopter pilot.Today He is an air law and business consultant, domiciled in Montreal, Canada. He advise on international aviation regulatory affairs and aeronautical equipment cross-border transactions. A large part of my work deals with civil unmanned aircraft vehicles.In 2014, HE was assigned by the International Civil Aviation Organization as a contracts expert in procurement projects. Prior to ICAO, He practiced law in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. My expertise lies is in hands-on project maintenance regarding the privatization of aircraft manufacturers and airports, consultancy services to airlines, and the provision of advice on a wide range of international trade and financing

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