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Mr. Mark Edward Woodward

Former GCCA - Manager Aerodromes

Mark worked  as the Manager of the Aerodrome Section within The GCAA  Air Navigation & Aerodrome (ANA) Department,  and  was responsible for the safety oversight of both Aerodrome Operations, Aerodrome Rescue & Fire-Fighting Services as well as approval of aerodrome developments.  Mark’s management portfolio included oversight of ten international airports, over 150 land based heliports and approximately 600 offshore helicopter-landing areas, and the review and development of aerodrome/heliport/helideck regulations.

Mark is a trusted advisor, leader and trainer with over 30 years operational experience with an international record of accomplishment including implementation of fire and aviation safety standards, comprehensive safety investigations and steering investments in compliant aerodrome developments, , training scheme, facilities, and equipment.

His realistic and practical approach to the delivery of training allows learners to discuss, practice and question the reality of what they are learning, thus ensuring they can apply their new knowledge in their working environment confidently

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