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Yazid Bin Ismail

MBA MCMI MIFSM GIFireE Specialist – Aerodrome Emergency & Firefighting, Aviation S

25+ years’ experience in aviation safety, crisis management and emergency services including 7 years as an Aerodrome Inspector with Air Navigation and Aerodromes Department, GCAA. Certified ICAO TrainAir, NVQ and NFPA Fire Instructor. Responsible for the development and oversight of aerodrome, heliport, helidecks and vertiport emergency planning and response regulations. UAE representative to ICAO Rescue and Firefighting Working Group and Heliport Design Working Group. Secretary to UAE National Aerodromes and Airlines Emergency Planning Technical Committee and National Aerodrome Chief Fire Officers Technical Committee. Member of Advisory Group to UAE National Air Accident Investigation Committee and National Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Planning Committee

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