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Kaj Kjoeller Christensen

Aviation Training Consultant - ICAO Qualified Instructor TIC, TMC, MATI, VCI courses - Assessor of the ICAO GAT office

30+ years experience in Air Traffic Control in Aerodrome, Approach/radar and Area/non-radar/radar.
26 years experience as On Job Instructor, as well as instructor in Air Traffic Control Ab Initio Training.
International experience in Macedonia, Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE.
Worked as OPAS Air Traffic Controller in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (TWR, APP, ACC).
Voice Communication (VCS) Specialist - developed new generation VCS systems in cooperation with Park Air Systems, Norway. Implemented (configured and trained Air Traffic Controllers) the system in Denmark and Oman.
ICAO qualified Course Developer and qualified Instructor for the Training Manager Course (TMC), Managing Aviation Training Intelligence course (MATI) and ICAO Training Instructor Course (TIC-2) under the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS programme.

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