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The commercial services department of the General Civil Aviation Authority – UAE provides training courses on executive leadership in aviation, aviation safety, aviation security, quality and risk management, air transport agreements, corporate development, strategic planning and organizational development.

Drawing on our expertise in aviation regulation, safety oversight and compliance monitoring, we are guiding, advising & nurturing aviation professionals & organizations to build competent professionals, effective processes and reliable systems to meet the complexities and challenges of future in aviation.

IACT has embarked on the strategy to develop human resources to ensure availability of qualified and competent aviation professionals. 

Policy Objectives and Scope Statement

IACT are committed to providing leadership development to aviation personnel through high quality professional education. We aim to foster a culture that sees leadership development as the foundation of its curriculum development and delivery. We will strive to ensure that all curriculum and content provide our stakeholders with the best possible experience and learning outcomes within the ICAO standards and guidelines.

IACT believes that every professional has the right to ongoing learning & development in a way that suits their individual learning needs. We place impetus on purposeful learning, ongoing development, enhanced delivery and accredited certifications as the core of our service provision to all stakeholders.

IACT retains accountability as a key feature of stakeholder commitment in order to ensure that all internal and external obligations are met within the defined parameters of our educational practices. We ensure that ongoing improvement remains a strong feature of service provision. We strive to ensure that we promote developing content, implementing curriculum, maintaining quality and promoting professional practices that are consistent with GCAA defined standards of quality and practice. We are also a strong advocate of inclusiveness and diversity in all our initiatives.

As part of its commitment to social responsibility and as part of ensuring respect for stakeholder interests, IACT believes in transparency in all processes along with an expectation of ethical behaviour from all staff. We believe in leading by example at all levels and aim to be recognised as a model of behaviours associated with respect, ethicality and social responsibility.

At IACT, we take pride in being advocates of respecting intellectual property. As such, we ensure that our resources are copyrighted and that our instructors comprehend the value of confidentiality, ethical use of materials as well as academic and professional recognition of resources. We take pride in acknowledging that our talent pool comprises of the most professional and accomplished names in the industry.

GCAA IACT will actively monitor and review our organisation’s performance to ensure that we succeed in meeting our educational objectives.

Our state of the art training facility with highly qualified & experienced faculty provide training in following areas:
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