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Senior Specialist, Dangerous Goods @GCAA – ICAO Auditor OPS – Chairman, ICAO DGP WG Annex 18


Mr. Ahmed Wagih – Senior Specialist, Dangerous Goods in the AVSEC Sector of UAE General Civil Aviation Authority. Ahmed brings with him over 30 years of experience in the Civil Aviation Sector, out of which 16 years in air cargo operations, managing special cargo, managing the transport of dangerous goods by air, the conduct of accident and incident investigation and prevention, load control, the conduct of surveillance activities, delivering dangerous goods training, regulatory compliance, standards & procedures audit in Singapore Airlines 1993-1997 and Emirates Airline 1997-2008.

Ahmed joined the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority in May 2008 and held several positions such as Safety & Security officer, Safety & Security Inspector, Chief Aviation Security Investigator, Senior Specialist – Dangerous Goods - present.

Ahmed is also an ICAO USOAP CMA certified Auditor in the area of Operations and accredited by IATA as Air Cargo Professional. He is also the Chairman of ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel Working Group on Restructuring Annex 18 and the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel Working Group on Reporting and Investigation. He is also a Dangerous Goods Training Instructor, accredited as IATA Air Cargo Professional and IATA CEIV Independent Validator.

Ahmed has a Bachelor degree in Law from Ain Shams University and a Diploma in Air Cargo from IATA and a Diploma in International Transport & Logistics from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport.

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