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Introduction to CAR-AIR Ops Training

Introduction to CAR-AIR Ops Training

Price : 1,850.00 AED + 5% VAT

Duration: 1 Days

Start date: 08/06/2023

End date: 08/06/2023

Category: Flight Operations

In 2015, the GCAA embarked on a project to transform the regulations related to the operations of aircraft to suit the complex industry that it regulates. This focused on transforming the rules similar to the EASA structure giving due consideration to the proportionality of risk posed by various types of Air Operations and the obligations to the Chicago Convention. The project culminated by publishing the rule in May 2021. GCAA provided two years of transition period for the existing operators from the date of publication of the rule. During the development process, GCAA engaged the industry through consultative meetings and updates were provided periodically. This course focuses on the key elements of the CAR-AIR OPS regulations and facilitates enhanced awareness for the operator employees. The objective of this course is to enhance the awareness of the new AIR OPS regulations with an outcome to facilitate an effective implementation within operators activities.

This course does NOT cover detailed regulations related to any specific type of operation”.

Suitable for-

Accountable Managers | Compliance Monitoring | Flight Operations

  • •Introduction to GCAA regulatory and informative instruments

    •CAR-AIR OPS structure and applicability

    •Main considerations in implementing the new rule

    •Rule highlights with key differences from EU/EASA AIR OPS

Capt. Mohamed Alkamali

Capt. Mohamed Alkamali

GCAA - Specialist Air Carrier

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Date and Time
08/06/2023 - 08/06/2023
08:00 AM - 02:00 PM



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