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Alcohol & Drug Program in Aviation workplace Training

Alcohol & Drug Program in Aviation workplace Training

Price : 1,500.00 AED + 5% VAT

Duration: 1 Days

Start date: 04/09/2024

End date: 04/09/2024

Category: Safety & Risk Management

This course is specifically developed to comply with CAR PSMP and it is a course approved by Aeromedical section to educate the aviation workers on the practical aspect of Alcohol & Drug program in highly regulated industry , it gives a depth insight into the impact and the significance of alcohol and drug abuse in the aviation workplace and its effects on safety and performance in that environment ,focus on methods of identification of acute intoxication and or chronic abuse problems .It also Educate the supervisor on handling difficult cases and how to manage crisis at workplace.


All Safety sensitive employee (Supervisors ,Safety mangers , Pilots ,Cabin crew ,Engineers ,flight dispatcher , airport ground security ,ATCO , ANS engineer. This course can be also promoted to other safety sensitive sectors such as oil and Gas company ,Civil Defense department

  • •Significance of psychoactive substance use or abuse in  aviation workplace

    •Red flags on alcohol use in workplace and how can you manage the situation

    •Cannabis use in workplace , its impact on workplace .

    •Highlight the importance of other psychoactive substances and impact on drug testing , job performance and medical condition managements

    •Education on alcohol and drug identification signs and symptoms and relation to overall work performance

    •Provide solutions to supervisors and managers on handling cases.


Dr.  Suhaila Alawadhi

Dr. Suhaila Alawadhi

head Of Audit And Inspection Department Fujairah Medical District - MOHAP

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Date and Time
04/09/2024 - 04/09/2024
08:00 AM - 02:00 PM


Alcohol Drugs Training GCAA

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