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Safety Occurrence Reporting Training

Safety Occurrence Reporting Training

Price : 3,000.00 AED + 5% VAT

Duration: 2 Days

Start date: 28/08/2019

End date: 29/08/2019

Category: Safety & Risk Management

The aim of the course is to learn about the standards, concepts and tools necessary for aviation organizations to manage internal occurrence reporting systems in line with the requirements of CAR PART X, CAAP 22 and best international standards and best practices contained in ICAO Annex 19 and ICAO DOC 9859. The participants will also be informed on what is expected from organizations from the GCAA when it comes to managing internal safety reporting and reporting to the GCAA in accordance with the requirements of pertinent regulations.

The course will also be a great opportunity for participants to support their organization Safety Management System in accordance with CAR PART X when it comes to the collection and analysis of safety data and information in line with the requirements of ICAO Annex 19 and ICAO DOC 9859.

Furthermore, participants will be informed on the requirements of the GCAA Occurrence Reporting platform (ROSI- Reporting of Safety Incidents) by understanding the requirement of internal and external occurrence reporting.

The course is intended for following posts from all aviation industry including;

  • Air Operators
  • ANSPs
  • Aerodrome operators
  • Maintenance organizations
  • Engineering organizations
  • Aviation training organizations
  • Light sport aircraft organizations and more.
    • Brief overview on Safety Management
    • Overview on International and National Legislation of Occurrence Reporting (CAAP 22, CAR PART X, ICAO ANNEX 19, ICAO DOC 9859 etc...)
    • Importance of Occurrence Reporting
    • Examples for Occurrence Reports
    • Internal investigation of occurrences
    • Learning from occurrences internal investigation
    • Collection of data and information on actual or potential safety deficiencies identified by occurrence reporting
    • Classification of occurrences
    • Benefit of data and information exchange
    • Importance of Just Culture in Aviation
    • How to correlate Occurrence Reporting to organization Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment activities
    • Relationship between Accidents, serious incidents and occurrence reporting
    • How to create tools for efficient reporting
    • Occurrence Reporting taxonomies


    At the end of the course participants will:

    • Have a better understanding/overview of CAR Part X, CAAP 22, ICAO Annex 19 and ICAO DOC 9859 in the areas related to Occurrence Reporting
    • Be able to collect and exchange Occurrence Reporting information on potential or actual safety hazards and to transmit this information to other organizations and/or civil aviation authorities
    • Have a better understanding of filling out reports on actual or potential safety related deficiencies.
    • Be able to build up an effective safety Occurrence Reporting System.
    • Be able to utilize data from Occurrence Reporting to identify potential hazards and their associated risks.
    • Be able to acquire and manage Data within the within their organization SMS Environment.
Eng. Khalid Saud Al Humaidan

Eng. Khalid Saud Al Humaidan

Vice President – Quality & Safety, flydubai

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Date and Time
28/08/2019 - 29/08/2019
08:00 AM - 02:00 PM


Safety Occurrence Reporting

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