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Aviation Legislation (Module 10) Training

Aviation Legislation (Module 10) Training

Price : 3,375.00 AED + 5% VAT

Duration: 3 Days

Start date: 08/07/2018

End date: 12/07/2018

Category: Licensing

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to;

  • Explore the consequences of error.
  • Understand the organization’s safety culture. Its procedures and safety policy and techniques of communication.
  • The training will give the participants a better understanding of the subject and to find effective procedures to progress standards and compliance

This course is aimed at engineers holding foreign AMEL wish to convert to UAE GCAA CAR 66 License and need to appear for Module 10 Technicians appearing for Module 10 examination and Training Managers and other stakeholders and persons wishing to understand the UAE GCAA Civil Aviation Regulations limited to Module 10 syllabus.

    • Regulatory Framework; Role of International Civil Aviation Organization; Role of the General Civil Aviation Authority; Relationship between CAR 145, CAR 66, CAR 147 and CAR M; Relationship with other Aviation Authorities.
    • CAR 66 — Certifying Staff — Maintenance; Detailed understanding of CAR 66.
    • CAR 145 — Approved Maintenance Organizations; Detailed understanding of CAR 145.
    • CAR-OPS — Commercial & Private Air Transportation; Air Operators Certificates; Operators Responsibilities; Documents to be Carried; Aircraft Placarding (Markings); Aircraft Certification Rules; Type Certification; Supplemental Type Certification.
    • CAR 21 - Design/Production Organization Approvals; Certificate of Airworthiness; Certificate of Registration; Noise Certificate; Weight Schedule; Radio Station License and Approval.
    • CAR M - Detailed understanding of CAR M; Applicable National and International Requirements; Maintenance Programs, Maintenance checks and inspections; Master Minimum Equipment Lists, Minimum Equipment List, Dispatch Deviation Lists; Airworthiness Directives; Service Bulletins, manufacturers service information; Modifications and repairs; Maintenance documentation: maintenance manuals, structural repair manual, illustrated parts catalogue, etc.; Continuing airworthiness; Test flights; ETOPS, maintenance and dispatch requirements; All Weather Operations, Category 2/3 operations and minimum equipment requirements.
Eng.  Siddharth Mandal

Eng. Siddharth Mandal

Aviation Professional

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Date and Time
08/07/2018 - 12/07/2018
08:00 AM - 02:00 PM



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